Realty Tips

As a multi-faceted professional, the #BGCExpert – Cynthia Palad-Yap imparts valuable information to empower people (not just those interested in purchasing real estate) and to aid in the awareness of the ins and outs of the realty climate.

The YouTube channel BGC Consultancy is her “baby” and is the avenue for short but very concise videos. Watch them all or choose from the titles below. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!!! 🙂

*BGC Expert Tip Can Foreigners Own Property in the Philippines?
*BGC Expert Tip on Verifying if your Broker is Legit
*The BGC Expert and Taxes
*Documents Needed to BUY/SELL Property in the Philippines
*Step by Step Property Tax Payment with the BGC Expert
*The BGC Expert: Favorable ForEx in the Philippines
*The BGC Expert Explains the Condo After-Sales Expenses
*The BGC Expert Stresses the Importance of Paying Condo Dues
*3 Letters That Mean Good Investment: BGC
*The BGC Expert Explains the Importance of a Special Power of Attorney Document 
*The BGC Expert Advise on Choosing the Right Condo